ISO quality certificate


The quality management system:

The AKCENT Foreign Language School has been in business in Poznan since 1987. Qualified and experienced AKCENT teachers run general and specialized courses for companies and institutions at all levels. Classes are based on verified and varied teaching materials. With a view to delivering high quality teaching and management, AKCENT Foreign Language School has developed and implemented a quality management system in accordance with international ISO norm 9001: 2000. To fulfill this criteria , the school is obliged to abide by its conditions and to improve constantly its effectiveness of the quality management system. The main tasks of our school are:

  • using efficient and modern teaching methods, which are adjusted to age, level and perception of the students,
  • improving teaching effectiveness,
  • adjustment of teaching methods to each interested group i.e. children, young people, students, adults and companies and institutions,
  • employing the best Polish and foreign teachers, who constantly seek to improve their qualifications,
  • providing comfort and a good atmosphere during classes,
  • offering students the use of the library and film library to assist in learning foreign languages,
  • improving communication between school employees and students or their parents

During the periodical review of the functioning of the management system, school management has verified its quality policy, adjusting it to the changing conditions. This policy is known by all employees and students. For general quality purposes, the detailed purposes are being developed, which are subject to confirmation and periodical verification by the Director, School Management is obliged to provide all essential resources and measures to accomplish the policy.